Legal Terms and Conditions of Use

SANCOR COOPERATIVA DE SEGUROS LIMITADA and/or the companies of SANCOR SEGUROS GROUP (hereinafter referred to as SANCOR SEGUROS) are the holders of the Web Sites, and other sites (hereinafter referred to as the Site). When entering to these web sites the users are subject to the following legal terms and conditions of use. We recommend reading them carefully. We notice that the use of the pages, and other sites (the "Site") by users implies the recognition and acceptance of all the terms, conditions and notices which may be found in the Legal Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Legal Terms and Conditions of Use can be modified or updated at any time and without prior notice. In any of these cases, the modifications will govern from the moment of its publication in “the Site”, so we advise you to visit it periodically and to read carefully the Legal Terms and Conditions of Use every time you enter into “the Site” in order to enforce the scopes and contents of such modifications or updates, before using the content of “the Site”.

If any part of the Legal Terms and Conditions of Use is considered null, illegal or it is not judicially enforceable by some court or competent body, such part shall be separated from the rest of the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions shall continue to be in force and they shall be judicially enforceable.

Field of Application

The “Legal Terms and Conditions of Use” of Sancor Seguros Group applies only to this Site and to the companies' sites of SANCOR SEGUROS GROUP, but not to the sites of third parties to which users get access through links. SANCOR SEGUROS in these cases suggests them to get informed about the conditions of use adopted in each of these sites.

If the user gets access to the links of any other site or page, he shall assume all the responsibility and SANCOR SEGUROS shall not be responsible for the damage which may cause such relation.

SANCOR SEGUROS explicitly declares that it shall not be responsible for the mistakes, faults or impossibility to access to the sites or pages by reason of hyperlinks or other link functions included in the site. If they provide links with software sites to unload, it shall be only for the users utilization and we shall not assume any responsibility for the consequences associated to the software unload.

The Site can provide access to the information provided by third parties in the Site or the sites of the companies of Sancor Seguros Group or hypertext links with other Internet addresses. The information contained in our Site or in the sites of the Group companies does not express under no circumstances, either expressly or implicitly, the adherence or approval of advice, opinions, information or products or services of third parties. We do not control, guarantee nor assume any responsibility for the accuracy, opportunity or even the continuous availability or existence of such contents, hyperlinks, sites or pages of third parties related to this Site.

If the users access to this Site from a jurisdiction which is different from the Argentine Republic they shall assume all the responsibility. If users fails to comply with the local laws or regulations as a consequence of the use of the page and its access SANCOR SEGUROS shall not be responsible.

The people who, being outside the country, get access to these pages shall require independent professional advice about the possibility to access to them from the place where they are.

Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection Policy

The “Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection Policy" of Sancor Seguros Group belongs to the "Terms and Conditions of Use" of this site. Therefore, the acceptance of the legal terms and the conditions of use of this site implies the acceptance of the confidentiality policy as well as the treatment of personal data.

We ask you to read it carefully before providing any personal data. You can access to the complete text through the link which is in the inferior sector of the screen.

Information about Products and Services

The site contains information about the products and services that SANCOR SEGUROS commercializes in the area of the Argentine Republic.

The information contained about them is not a complete description of all the terms and conditions applicable to the products and/or services which are offered. This information is not free from technical imprecision, typographical mistakes, references to discontinuous or not available products or services or other mistakes. WE EMPHASIZE THAT ALL THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS SITE ABOUT THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF THE COMPANIES OF SANCOR SEGUROS GROUP IS ONLY PROVIDED WITH AN INFORMATIVE CHARACTER. For a complete description of the scope and the limitations of the insurance coverage option, please consult some of our insurance brokers and advisors.


The products and services are subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement corresponding to each of them.

The information about the products and services of the companies of Sancor Seguros Group refers exclusively to the products and services which are commercialized in the Argentine Republic. The products described in these pages are not destined to be commercialized in jurisdictions different from the Argentine Republic.

For the users of this site who get access from the countries in which the companies of Sancor Seguros Group operate and who need information about the products or services of the companies of Sancor Seguros Group we advise them to visit the companies ' sites of Sancor Seguros Group of the corresponding countries.

Other Contents

The rest of the information contained in the site or in any of the companies’s pages of SANCOR SEGUROS GROUP shall not be interpreted as a legal, fiscal or professional advice of any type and it shall not be understood that such information implies the adoption of positions or opinions of no subject. As a consequence, SANCOR SEGUROS shall not assume any responsibility in this respect. If the user needs some kind of opinion and/or advice, he shall consult a trusted professional regarding his particular situation.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The intellectual property right about the page, the contents, the screens, the material used for its preparation and any other scientific, literary or artistic material included in this Site or in the companies' sites of Sancor Seguros Group belong to Sancor Seguros or Sancor Seguros is the owner’s licensee and it has the faculty to advertise it, execute it, show it in public, adapt it or reproduce it.

Consequently, they cannot be modified, copied, reproduced or distributed, transmitted, disclosed, licensed, total or partially ceded. Apart from that, it is not authorized the creation of works derived from the use of the information, the software, the product or services included in the site without the prior written consent of SANCOR SEGUROS.

The fragments of this Site or of the sites of the companies of Sancor Seguros Group can be printed, copied, unloaded and stored exclusively for personal information of users or to facilitate the use of some product or service of any of the Group companies.

Any other use is forbidden, unless SANCOR SEGUROS provides the previous written consent to do so.

SANCOR SEGUROS and/or any of the group companies reserve the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, the modifications, variations, eliminations or cancellations in the contents and in the form of presentation which they deem necessary.

All commercial trademarks, drawings, emblems, images, logotypes, isotypes, color combinations, letters and numbers combinations, advertising phrases and every other sign with a distinctive capacity of the products and services of the group companies which are advertised in this web site belong to SANCOR SEGUROS and they are protected by the laws that regulate the Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patents.

No content can be interpreted as a concession, under no circumstance, of licenses or rights to make use of any commercial material exhibited in this web site without the written approval of the Company.

Illegal Use and Responsibility

The user commits not to send nor transmit documents or software that contain virus of any nature or other elements which may cause damage to the site or to its users and/or in some way try to inhibit or restrict the use of the site by third parties.

The user commits not to send information or contents which are immoral or indecent or data which is of a slanderous, offensive, defamatory, obscene or pornographic character or of other objectable form, including but not limited to the transmission of messages or information which itself constitutes or encourages a type of behavior which is contrary to the national or international current legislation or which provoke actions for its civil liability.

SANCOR SEGUROS reserves the right to disable, without prior notice, the users who have an access keyword to this Web site if it is detected the improper use of the Web site. This fact shall be under the consideration and criterion of its administrators.

SANCOR SEGUROS does not guarantee that the information, software or material to which the user can access through the site pages are free from virus of any nature or other elements which may cause potential or real damage to users or to their property. As a consequence, it shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, or any other damage which may result from the use, unload, and/or inquiry of information, data, text, images, and videos, audio or other material included in the site, its pages or other sites connected or related by hyperlinks or other link functions.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Legislation

The user accepts that every interest conflict or difference which may arise as a consequence of the use of the site shall be resolved according to the laws of the Argentine Republic and it shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Court of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.