This coverage has three purchasing options: Individual, Matrimonial and Family Group. The insured amount can be collected in two different ways, which you can choose: "Superior" and "Ultra". The coverage for family group corresponds, for the same cost, to all members regardless the number of people that form the family group (for single children up to 21 years or 24 years if they are students).

  • Surgery procedures of low, medium and high complexity: It covers 642 surgeries with a compensation method.
  • Module for transplants: Cornea, kidney, heart, pancreas, bone marrow, heart-lung, lung, bi-lung and hepatic transplants. Compensating coverage.
  • Prosthesis: Placing or replacement of functional prosthesis for people who have suffered trauma, cardiovascular, neurological, ocular and digestive illnesses. Coverage by reimbursement of expenses up to the insured amount.
  • Daily rent for non-surgical clinic hospitalization: It indemnifies up to 90 days per year in a standard room or in intensive care, from the third day of hospitalization. If the hospitalization exceeds seven days, such franchise disappears.
  • Extension of coverage for the decease of the policy holder (Family Plan): If the holder dies, the policy extends for a year free of charge in order to protect the family.
  • 50% discount in chemists: Discounts in drug in the network of participating chemists throughout the country. See our Premium Vademecum visiting.
  • 24-hour Medical Line: Telephonic service offering advice for health related issues such as, course of treatment, medication, mother and child issues, among others.
  • Second Medical Opinion: It provides a second medical opinion in cases of serious illnesses and/ or high complexity surgeries. It offers more information about the diagnosis and treatment methods, with top quality specialists in Argentina and/or abroad.
  • Travel Assistance to individuals: This is a service which allows you and your family group (partner, parents and children younger than 26 years old) to be protected when travelling within Argentina (more than 30 km from your home address) and to other countries (in travels of 60 days or less). We offer legal, medical and pharmaceutical assistance, hotel services, transportation and baggage localization, among others, up to the limits established for each case.
  • Provision of Oncologic Drugs: We provide the insured the drugs and specific doses prescribed by his oncologist, according to national protocols authorized in Argentina. See our Oncological Vademecum here.
  • Red Code: Air rescue service in life threatening situations. It reaches anywhere within the country.

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