Fight Against Fraud

According to Resolution N° 38.477 from the National Insurance Superintendency, fraud is the action or omission carried out into an insurance relationship, so as to get an undue advantage or benefit, for one self or third parties. It is, therefore, a deceit to an insurance company in order to get an economic benefit illegally. It can be detected in the hiring of coverage, during its effect or renewal and when the accident occurs.

Fraud is an offense legally, ethically and socially punished, for it causes damage to the whole community. As regards insurances, its impact affects accident rate, being detrimental to policy holders. That is why, it is important we all be part of the fight against this form of illegal behavior.

If you notice suspicious acts, you can call us and inform against them. We warranty the absolute confidentiality of the information you provide us with. Write us at, offering as much data as possible, so we can investigate the case.

Preventing fraud is everyone´s responsibility.

Complaint form

Some data you can provide us with to identify the case are: name and last name of the participating parties, plate of the vehicle involved, city where the accident happened, etc.